Rising demand of convenience food and beverages driven by the fast paced lifestyles of the population combined with the growing awareness among the consumers is highly driving the global food antioxidant market

Date: 9 June 2016

According to Azoth Analytics research report, “Global Food Antioxidants Market: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2016-2021F), Global Food Antioxidants Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of over ~5.28% during 2016 – 2021, driven by the increasing consumption of processed food among the population. On the basis of market segment, the market has been segmented into two types, namely, natural antioxidants and synthetic antioxidants and their respective sub-types.

Antioxidants are used as food additives which prevent the rancidity of food and hence, increase the shelf life making it fit for the human consumption for a longer period of time. As foods are naturally perishable in short span of time, use of antioxidants makes them edible for extended period of time.

From the market point of view, consumption of synthetic antioxidants remains comparatively higher than its natural counterpart in the forecast period. However, given the rising awareness among the consumers over the benefits of natural antioxidants, market for the same is expected to witness stronger growth over time.

Among the regions, APAC holds the major market due to wide consumption of foods considering the presence of large population, and remains a strong market in the forecast period, followed by the North American region.

In 2016, market for synthetic antioxidants is expected to remain higher than the natural antioxidants.

The Global Food Antioxidants Market: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2016-2021F)’’ has analysed the potential of Global Food Antioxidants Market and provides statistics and information on market size, shares and growth factors. The report intends to provide cutting-edge market intelligence and help decision makers take sound investment evaluation. Besides, the report also identifies and analyses the emerging trends along with major drivers, challenges and opportunities in the global food antioxidants market. Additionally, the report also highlights market entry strategies for various companies across the globe.