Rapid increase in demand of consumer electronics and data communication driving VCSEL market

Date: 15 April 2020

According to a research report published by Azoth Analytics in March 2020, the Global VCSEL Market was valued at USD 1,676.34 million in the year 2019. Increasing need for more power efficient and accurate products are expected to drive the growth of VCSEL market. The recent technological advancements in the consumer electronics, automotive and data communication sector to meet the rising demand of advanced products is expected to favour market growth.

The Global VCSEL Market has been analysed By Region (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ROW) and By Country (United States, Canada, Germany, UK, China) for the historical period of 2015-2019 and the forecast period of 2020-2025.

Another major factor that has been an important driver for the worldwide VCSEL market is the rapid increase in demand of consumer electronics and data communication across the regions such as Europe, Americas, Asia. 

American region is estimated to hold major market share in VCSEL with massive growth in forecast period. Countries such as US and Canada are leading the American market with strong economic growth. Additionally, APAC is known to grow rapidly in forecast period because of increasing population and demand of consumer electronics is expected to drive the demand VCSEL in the region.

Additionally, Surge in demand of VCSEL in data communication is expected to boost the market. Further, rise in usage of VCSELs in infrared illumination owing to technological advancements is also anticipated to fuel the market growth.

The Azoth Analytics research report on GlobalVCSEL Market has analysed and segmented the VCSEL Market by Value (USD Million). The report has also further analysed the VCSEL Market Analysis by Device Type (Single Mode and Multimode), by Application (Data Communication, Infrared Illumination, 3D Sensing and Others), By End User (Data Center, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Others).