Global Ignition Interlock Devices Market: Sizing, Growth, Technology, Application, Opportunities and Forecast (2019-2024)

Date: 30 September 2019

According to the research report published by Azoth Analytics in September 2019, the Ignition Interlock Devices market was valued at USD 176.06 million in the year 2018. Global Ignition interlock devices market is expected to grow rapidly on the back of rising demand of personal interlock devices, rise in alcohol consumption among different age groups, stringent government regulation, and alcohol impaired driving resulting into fatal crashes, technology development and advancements in ignition interlock devices, increasing private field expenditure etc. 

Strict government regulations, increasing drunk driving accidents, prevalence of convicted drivers in drunk driving etc. has led to its growth in the historic period. Further, growing knowledge and awareness, increase in voluntarily use of devices, increasing usage of devices for personal use and technology advancements in devices have contributed to tremendous growth rate of ignition interlock devices. In the forecast period, rise in voluntarily use of ignition interlock devices by commercial fleet owners, company regulation for installing interlock devices to inhibit the employee to consume alcohol during work hours, demand of ignition interlock devices by schools for students safety, in construction sites, mining etc. is anticipated to provide higher momentum to the market growth. In addition, companies operating in the industry are likely to invest more in R&D for the technology advancements of ignition interlock devices.

By technology, fuel cell technology-based ignition interlock devices products are dominating the global market in 2018. Their share is anticipated to rise on the back of many factors such as enhanced efficiency, longer life span, growing private and public investments, accurate and reliable results attracting customers and eco friendliness etc. Amongst the regions, North America accounts for the largest regional share in the global ignition interlock devices market. Key factors driving the robust growth rate in North America region include stringent government regulations, High drunk driving accidents, growing awareness among customers, increasing demand for personal ignition interlock devices etc.