Global Flat Glass Market (Volume, Value) - Analysis By Type, By End-Use Industry, By Region, By Country: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2017-2022)

Date: 19 February 2018

Globally the sales of flat glass have been growing due to rising demand from the construction and automotive sectors as well as increasing use of fabricated glass products such as mirrors, tableware, crystal ware, display glass, partitions, decorations & décor, safety glazing, noise dampeners, fire & wind resistant glass, switchable glass screens etc by residential and commercial users due to their optical clarity. These fabricated glass products possess several unique properties and characteristics that gives them a wide range of applicability across numerous fields. Based upon its chemical composition, flat glass can be used for its strength in architectural design, its ability to reflect or absorb heat resulting in improved indoor heat circulation or for a wide range of other purposes.

In terms of usage the construction industry accounts for the largest share of global flat glass demand followed by the automotive sector. The construction sector uses flat glass to allow sunlight to enter buildings improving its day lighting which not only helps in improving visual comfort but also results in savings in energy costs. The automotive sector uses flat glass in the manufacture of new vehicles as operational glass along with replacement glass for retrofit purposes among existing vehicles. The use of flat glass is extensive not only for its light transmittance, but because flat glass can be strengthened to produce toughened glass that is used to enhance the safety and security of houses, cars, jewelry and other valuables while still allowing the user to view his/her surroundings. Insulating glass, because of its ability to regulate indoor temperatures, helps to make the interior of houses more pleasant while reducing the need for additional heating or cooling. Specialty glass is also witnessing growing usage in the telecom, power generation, optical and electronic sectors as optical fibers, cells in photovoltaic modules, lenses & glasses, laboratory beakers and containers etc. In terms of sales, the largest source of revenues in the international market has been the Asia Pacific region led by countries like China, Japan, India, Indonesia etc. The rising disposable incomes of consumers in developing countries of the Asia Pacific region who are increasingly migrating to urban centers in search of employment has boosted the real estate market and automotive sales in urban cities. Not only has this created a strong need for the rapid development of infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific but there has been an emerging trend among these countries regarding the usage of solar power and energy efficient technology to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. These factors have contributed to the strong growth of flat glass demand not only in the Asia Pacific but also internationally.

The report titled “Global Flat Glass Market (Volume, Value) - Analysis By Type, By End-Use Industry, By Region, By Country: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2017-2022) - By Region (North America, Europe, APAC), By Country  (USA,  Canada,  Germany, UK,  France,  China,  Japan,  India)” provides valuable insights into the factors that have driven flat glass demand around the globe, the emerging areas where the flat glass industry has the potential to expand along with some of the challenges faced by the companies in the international flat glass market. This report is intended to provide industry insiders and potential investor’s the necessary tools, figures and statistics, backed by extensive primary and secondary research, to enable them to make sound decisions with regards to profitability and potential investment destinations in the international flat glass market.