Dry Construction Market

Date: 1 August 2019

According to a research report published by Azoth Analytics in July 2019, the Global Dry construction material Market was valued at USD 71,281.11 Million in the year 2018. Key responsible factors for high demand of dry construction materials include product performance, durability and growing adoption in developed and developing countries. Additionally, growth in per capita income and rising concern for the utilization of light weight products boost the demand of gypsum board, glass and wood. Global dry construction material market is influenced by the residential and commercial construction and residential and commercial remodelling end-use markets. The market is influenced by many factors which includes increasing adoption of energy & resource efficient construction methods, rising global construction & infrastructure development activities and changing preferences of people towards sustainable building techniques.

The Azoth Analytics research report titled Global Dry Construction Material Market has analysed and segmented the Dry construction Material Market By Value (USD Million). The report has also further analysed the Dry construction Material Market by Material Type (Metal, Wood, Gypsum Board, Plastics, Others), By Application Type (Wall, Ceiling, Flooring, Others) and by End Users (Residential, Non-Residential). The Global Dry Construction Material Market has been analysed By Region (America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA) and By Country (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, India) for the historical period of 2014-2018 and the forecast period of 2019-2024.

Demand for dry construction is strongest in the corporate and institutional sectors. It is also gaining share in the retail market, healthcare and educational institutions. Given its properties like design flexibility, durability, functionality and ease of maintenance; dry construction materials are also becoming popular even in residential segment. Expansion in infrastructure due to large population shift in cities and high standard of living has also increased the demand of dry construction materials in APAC region. 

Additionally, dry construction materials have increased its popularity in recent years with rapid growth in the population and increase in awareness about the advantages. Also, owing to an expansion in the construction sector with a high priority for interior design and preference for low weight construction, is driving the market.
Robust economic environment has continued to support the construction output growth. Increasing FDI inflows in construction, rapid industrialization, increasing disposable income, and rising spending power of the people has led to increased construction projects. The total global construction spending has increased from USD 904.06 Billion in 2013 to USD 1,298.12 billion during 2018, owing to rising in building projects from residential and non-residential sectors.