Amplifying number of pipeline projects along with escalating demand for leak detection systems is propelling growth in US Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Market.

Date: 9 December 2015

Accordingto recently published Azoth Analytics report “US Oil and Gas Pipeline LeakDetection System (LDS) Market: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2015-2020)- By Region, By Application - Offshore & Onshore, By Equipment - Flowmeters, Pressure Sensors, Fibre Optics”, leak detection system market in the USis forecast to grow at a CAGR of more than 0.37% during 2015 – 2020, on account of rising pipeline projects and increasing oil and gas production in the country. Moreover, stringent government policies are further going to minimiseimpact of leakage on environment. In addition, expansion plans and investments areanticipated to boost the US oil and gas pipeline leak detection market during2015-20.

In terms of segmentation, market is categorized on basis of applications (onshoreand offshore), equipment (flow meters, pressure sensors, fibre optic sensorsand other types of leak detectors). Although, Southeast region is anticipated to lead the revenue contribution to the oil and gas leak detection market,Northeast region is also expected to witness a higher growth rate till 2020. Withthe industry witnessing robust expansion plans, it is anticipated that the leakdetection market will exhibit higher CAGR in the forecast period as well. Entryof new players in current oligopolistic market scenario and increasing oil andgas pipeline investment in the various parts of the country is anticipated tomake the industry more competitive and dynamic. “USOil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection System (LDS)

Market: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2015-2020) - By Region, By Application - Offshore & Onshore,By Equipment - Flow meters, Pressure Sensors, Fibre Optics” report has analysedthe potential of leak detection market and provides statistics and informationon market size, shares and trends. The report intends to provide cutting-edgemarket intelligence and help decision makers take sound investment evaluation.Besides, the report also identifies and analyses the emerging trends along withmajor drivers, challenges and opportunities in the US oil and gas pipeline leakdetection market. Additionally, the report also highlights emergent marketentry strategies for various companies across the globe. ...