Global Business Luggage Market Analysis (Specialty Stores, Departmental Stores, Internet Sales, Others)

Date: 11 September 2018

What does the study recommend to the industry players in the Business Luggage market?

Global Business Luggage market is anticipated to advance at high CAGR of 7.8% during 2018-2023, mainly due to growing business tourism spending,rapid urbanization and global positive economic growth The increasing penetration of smart phone,reducing price in data usage and growing e-commerce industry is contributing immensely to the vigorous growth of Business Luggage. The online platforms have various advantages over rational retail stores. Firstly, the online platforms are transforming to virtual online stores with variety of products at one virtual place. The customers have huge convenience in terms of access to thousands of homogenous products at one virtual place which reduces the physical efforts to roam into the stores. The online distribution channel also provide ease in placing order and making payments.

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Manyplayers have reported an increase in overall sales through e-commerce platformssuch as amazon, e-bay and Alibaba etc. Also, the leading players are investingsignificantly into the segment to address growing tech savvy population. Hence,it is highly recommended to shift focus on the online platforms.

What are the major Business Luggage segments covered in the AzothAnalytics report?

The major bio material segments covered in the report include

·        By Price Point (Value & Mid-Level, Premium, Luxury)

·        By Distribution Channel (Specialty Stores, Departmental Stores, Internet Sales, Others)

What are the regions and countries covered in the study on Business Luggage market?

The regional markets covered in the report include North America, Europe, APAC and RoW.

The countries analyzed in the report include United States,Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, India, Japan.

Name the companies profiled in the report?

The companies profiled in the report include Samsonite International S.A.,RIMOVA, Briggs & Riley Travel ware, VIP Industries Ltd., VF Corporation,DELSEY, Fox Luggage Inc.

What are the key factors driving the market of Business Luggage?

·        Increasing Passenger Traffic Worldwide

·        Prospering Business Travel & Tourism Industry

·        Rising Per Capita Income

·        Increasing Urban Population