Breakfast Cereals Market Report (Volume, Value)

Date: 8 September 2018

What does the study recommend to the industry players in the Breakfast Cereals market?

Increasing product availability, rising urbanization, augmenting per capita income coupled with increasing influence from the western eating habits in the developing countries is backing growth in the market

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Amongst the type, RTE cereals are expected to continue witnessing growth at an unprecedented pace on the heels of increasing product availability.

A large part of the breakfast cereals market is boosted by the rising demand for the value added cereals that not only fulfill the appetite but also provide health benefits. With increasing introduction of innovative breakfast cereal products, there has been an advent of sugar free and gluten free breakfast cereals.

With a rapidly rising geriatric and gluten allergic population, these products are expected to propel multi fold growth in the revenues of the breakfast cereal companies. Besides the health benefits, introduction of breakfast cereals with added products such as fruits and nuts is expected to gain more consumer base. Henceforth, the companies are suggesting to augment the development of value added cereals.

What are the major Breakfast Cereals segments covered in the Azoth Analytics report?

The major biomaterial segments covered in the report include

·         By Type: RTE Cereals, Hot Cereals

·         By Sales Channel: Online, Offline

·         By Ingredient Type: Rice, Wheat, Corn, Others

What are the regions and countries covered in the study on Breakfast Cereals market?

·         The regional markets covered in the report include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, ROW.

·         The countries analyzed in the report include U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, India

Name the companies profiled in the report?

The companies profiled in the report include Kellogg Company, General Mills Inc., Post Consumer Brands, PepsiCo, Mornflake, Nestle S.A.

What are the key factors driving the market of Breakfast Cereals?

·         Rising urbanisation.

·         Increasing working population

·         Increasing fitness conscious population